Life Coaching for Work-Life Balance

Health and happiness
Good work-life balance plays an important role in your health and happiness. Being in control of this balance means that you can enjoy the time that you spend with family and friends and doing the things that you want to do. Part of managing your work-life balance may also include managing your stress levels. The right work-life balance will mean that work, leisure, commitments and other responsibilities all have their allocated time and place.

Look at priorities and plan realistically
Taking time out to talk through your work-life balance will help you to look at things clearly and to make changes. We will work together to realistically plan your success by looking at all the things which contribute to your work-life balance, the good and the not-so-good. We will look at the things you have to do and the things you would like to do. We will explore your priorities and what and how some things may be done more effectively. We can also look at ways that you can motivate yourself to do the tasks that you put off.

Coaching is all about you
As your Life Coach, I work with you as an individual. You will be in control of what we work on and the direction you want to take, so that the resulting work-life balance is realistic for you. To get an idea of what coaching will feel like for you as a client, please take a look at what clients say.

Book a consultation or find out more

Book a consultation or call me, email me or use the contact form to find out more. I am always happy to talk through the changes you would like to make and to answer your questions. 

I work individually with clients from Warwickshire and Coventry, in lovely centres with peaceful consulting rooms, in Kenilworth and Coventry

"At my first appointment with Sue I was burnt out, exhausted and unable to do much outside of work. Seeing Sue has transformed my life. I have a much more balanced approach to work, which has been commented on by many colleagues, and resulted in multiple promotions as a result of my ability to cope with more, without it affecting my mental health"


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