“Sue is outstanding, she has worked with me to positively refresh my entire life, from my career to some exceptionally personal matters. Throughout the sessions, I was amazed at how Sue just made everything click into place; I started to feel so much lighter, being able to make decisions and changes confidently. Sue has provided me with the skills which enabled me to manage the most difficult and overwhelming situations. Thanks to Sue’s incredible work, I am a completely ‘new me’, so much has changed for the better, I am looking forward to growing my own business and at the same time owning the hobbies I love and a positive relationship with my husband.”
"Thank you, Sue. I really valued my time with you. You made me feel very at ease and I felt a real connection which helped me share my thoughts and feelings seemingly effortlessly! I guess that’s a measure of how good you are at what you do!"
“At my first appointment with Sue I was burnt out, exhausted and unable to do much outside of work. Additionally, my approach to food and my weight was making me miserable. Seeing Sue has transformed my life. I have a much more balanced approach to work, which has been commented on my many colleagues, and resulted in multiple promotions as a result of my ability to cope with more, without it affecting my mental health. What’s more, Sue has helped me to create habits that have freed me from over-worrying about how I look. I haven’t weighed myself for months, and I can’t remember the last time I wore makeup. I’ve never been happier with myself, as a result of the inner confidence she has helped to create. Sue describes herself as a ‘sounding board’ and ‘critical friend’ and I would say that is spot on. She will set you at ease with her warmth from day one, but she won’t let you get away with being dishonest with yourself, which is something I have valued immensely. Her help is grounded in real world experience, and there’s nothing ‘fluffy’ about her approaches. She listens extremely carefully, and adapts her approach accordingly. If you are ready to make big changes in a supportive environment, I would highly recommend booking an appointment”
“Thank you so much for your time the other week, it was perfect timing and really helped me! Your advice, calming and rationale approach really worked. I’ve already highly recommended you to multiple friends and work colleagues so I will keep in touch and no doubt be requesting your services again at another challenging crossroads!“
"I suffered from a lack of confidence at work which made me feel anxious when presenting at meetings or when put on the spot. Sue helped me understand that with some minor tweaks I can feel confident and present myself as an assertive member of the team. Sue has a lovely approach and understood my challenges. She worked with me to develop techniques which divert my attention away from becoming anxious before any of those dreadful symptoms arise, these techniques have already made a difference in my day to day work and I feel better prepared mentally when going into presentations."
“Sue provided a non-judgemental and constructive environment that helped me address some issues and unhelpful recurring thoughts.  She helped me to find my own strategies and helped me to alter my perspective and enabled me to move on in various aspects of my life. I feel like Sue has helped me to grow and enter a new chapter in my life.”
"I came to Sue when I was at a crossroads in my life, unsure of the future and where I was heading, but after just 3 meetings I have come away feeling much more positive and able to start to make plans for my future, a future that I can achieve. I found it very helpful looking at the positives in my life and learning how to appreciate and value myself.  Sue helped me see how to talk myself into things instead of talking myself out of them in order to achieve my goals. Sue has a very calming manner and was supportive and encouraging."
"The sessions were a revelation to me, helping me to think through things in a different way. I ended up being able to prioritise a list of stuff that I needed to do - a completely different list than I might have expected before the start. Very useful." 
“Sue is a highly compassionate, insightful & empathetic coach. I always gain perspective during my work with her which enables me to quickly find a way forward in challenging times. Sue also helps me to identify key areas in which I need to be focusing time and energy to achieve my goals. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coaching experience”
"Sue enabled me to recognise the qualities and aptitude I have to move forwards in my career.  She empowered me with confidence to promote my talents and potential which subsequently resulted in me securing a new position. Thank you." 
"Life was stressful. Sue was calm and listened to me with empathy and kindness. She helped me to develop tactics for breaking down the difficult emotions that I was facing and develop ways of dealing with tricky situations. I was able to become more confident, feel more comfortable in tricky situations and find positive perspectives to enable me to be more productive and successful." 
“It really was very helpful to talk things through, and I appreciated your understanding and awareness of what education can be like!”
"I needed someone to listen to me. My daughter had depression and I was drained and felt guilty about how I was feeling about it all. Sue listened patiently and kindly. She helped me to be kinder to myself and know how to handle my feelings so that they don’t drag me down so much. It’s still hard but I am getting better at recognising when it’s getting on top of me and now have ways to do something about it.”
“Wow, I can’t believe how different I feel. I’m a new woman. I feel empowered. Thank you, Sue.”
"Losing weight has dominated my life to date but I decided that this time I would break the lifelong habits and make a positive change. Sue was very warm and engaging and helped me to reflect, refocus, see the future and find a way forward to get there. As a result of Sue’s careful questioning, combined with her active listening skills, I feel so much more confident to move forward and improve my life."
“I want to extend my gratitude to you. I have enjoyed our sessions very much which cannot least be attributed to your very friendly and attentive attitude. You have helped me to make my transition to my new situation much smoother - thank you!”
“It was useful to step back. Things that had seemed so difficult became much smaller and Sue helped me to cope with them. She enabled me to see things from a different angle and encouraged me to take responsibility for my own reactions so that I was in control of how I was feeling.”