Life Coaching for Teachers

"Many thanks for our sessions - it really was very helpful to talk things through, and I really appreciated your understanding and awareness of what education can be like!"

I can help you to give and get the best from your teaching life. As a former teacher myself, I am familiar with the highs and lows of teaching, balancing preparing lessons with marking, handling tricky students or parents, being observed and work-trawled, following the latest directive from above, and finding a work-life balance. I will work with you to make the right changes for you in the right ways for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all but the following paragraphs will give you some idea of the things we will look at, to help you to give and get the best from your teaching life.

Taking control

Teachers come to me for many reasons, including feeling overwhelmed, wanting more confidence in the classroom or meetings, or wanting to find ways to handle tricky situations or people. Often, it is a combination of many things as there are so many parts to teaching.

Whatever you would like to achieve or solve, I can help you to share your thoughts, concerns, irritations and goals. I will act as your informed and impartial sounding board and critical friend.

If you would like to be more confident then I will help you to respond in a different way to nervous feelings, recognise and build your confidence, and find ways to change how to respond to unhelpful memories and predictions of what might happen.

If you would like a better work-life-balance then I will help you to recognise and build upon your strengths, prioritise, perform tasks more efficiently where possible, and find your motivation to make changes and to do the tasks you don’t want to do.

If you want help to handle tricky people or situations then I will help you to see these from different viewpoints and introduce you to techniques that you can use to take control.

By stepping back you will find that things start to fall into place. While your teaching life will not necessarily be perfect, you will develop ways to give and get the best from it.

It is important to find ways that are realistic for you to manage your teaching life. In some cases, you may need to make practical changes. In others, you may need to change how you react and respond to events, and I can introduce you to techniques to help with this.

Coaching is all about you

My role, as your Life Coach, is to help you to make the right changes for you in the right ways for you, so I will be guided by you at all times as to what you want to work on.

You will find my sessions relaxed and friendly, and focused fully on you. I will listen carefully to you, ask you thought-provoking questions and be your very own impartial sounding board and critical friend. I can also introduce NLP techniques to help you change how you think about or react to particular events.

 To get an idea of what coaching will feel like for you as a client, please take a look at what clients say.

Book a consultation or find out more

Book a face-to-face consultation (I work from lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry) or an online consultation (video consultation via Zoom or telephone consultation). Or  call me, email me or use the contact form to find out more. I am always happy to talk through the changes you would like to make and to answer your questions. 

Face-to-face consultations are held in lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry. Online consultations are either by video (using Zoom which is really easy to use and I am happy to help you with this if you are not technically-minded) or telephone consultation.


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