Life Coaching for Relationships

Personalities, thoughts and responsibilities

There are many types of relationship and they can all go through rough patches. It is not really surprising, as relationships involve individuals who each have their own personalities, thoughts and responsibilities.

Realistic changes

Taking time out to talk through the relationship will help you to look at it clearly. We will work together to look at all the things that contribute to the current relationship, the good and the not-so-good. We will explore what is realistic for this relationship and the changes that can be made. Some of these changes may involve changing how you are thinking about or reacting to things. I can introduce you to some simple NLP techniques that will help with this. Other changes may need to involve the other person and, in some cases, you may want to invite that person to a coaching session.

Coaching is all about you

As your Life Coach, I work with you as an individual, so at all times you will be in control of what we work on and the direction you want to take. With relationships, it is important to remember that you can’t make another person change. However, any changes that you yourself make will change the relationship. To get an idea of what coaching will feel like for you as a client, please take a look at what clients say.

Book a consultation or find out more

I work individually with clients from Warwickshire and Coventry in lovely centres with peaceful consulting rooms, in Kenilworth and Coventry. To book a consultation or to find out more, please visit my appointments page.

"Thank you, Sue. I really valued my time with you. You made me feel very at ease and I felt a real connection which helped me share my thoughts and feelings seemingly effortlessly! I guess that’s a measure of how good you are at what you do!"


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