Positive and Lasting Changes

Do you want to make positive and lasting changes in your personal or professional life? Would you like to be more confident, to improve a relationship or to achieve a goal? Are you at a crossroads or simply feeling overwhelmed?

If you are ready to make changes then I can support you to find ways forward that are right for you. You may be surprised at just how quickly you can make changes and the difference those changes make to your life.

I have an open and friendly style and sessions are relaxed so that you will feel comfortable to freely talk things through and explore possibilities. I combine coaching with experience gained in education and industry to support you to find solutions that work for you. I ask questions to prompt thinking and act as an impartial sounding board and critical friend. I can also introduce techniques to help you change how you think about or react to particular events. Solutions are often the result of a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

You will be able to look at things from fresh perspectives, make practical changes and learn how to replace unhelpful thoughts and habits and with positive and helpful ones

I work individually with clients from Warwickshire and Coventry in lovely centres with peaceful consulting rooms, in Kenilworth and Coventry. To book a consultation or to find out more, please visit my appointments page


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