Life Coaching for Low Mood

"I needed someone to listen to me. I was drained and constantly on edge. I felt guilty about how I was feeling about myself. Sue listened patiently and kindly. She helped me to be kinder to myself and know how to handle my feelings so that they don’t drag me down so much. It’s early days but I am getting better at recognising when it’s getting on top of me and now have ways to do something about it."

Taking control

Depression can take your energy away, it can stop you wanting to go out with friends and it can make you feel guilty for not appreciating any of the good things in your life.

Depression is often described as the black dog. Learning to walk that dog rather than the dog walking you can be a useful way to think about taking control of depression.

Breaking the cycle can be challenging

You can’t just ‘snap out of it’. You may try to protect yourself, by taking part in fewer activities and withdrawing from the world around you but this can then lead to you feeling more depressed and so withdrawing further, creating a negative cycle.

Breaking the cycle can be tough. The key is to find steps that mean something to you. Learning how to allow more positives into your life and finding ways to handle the negatives, so their effect is reduced. The steps may be small to start with, and some days will be better than others, but this is normal for any new skill that we learn.

Giving yourself permission to enjoy something, however small, for example a cup of coffee, a shower with nice smelling shower gel, baking a cake, cycling or going for a walk, will help you to introduce more positive feelings into your life.

Thinking about the things that affect you negatively and then planning how to deal with them before they strike, will help you start to take back control.

Build the positive and find ways to tackle the negative

We will work together to look at things that will bring enjoyment into your life and those that will bring a sense of achievement. We will set goals and plan ways to achieve these. We will also look at the things that affect you negatively and find ways to deal with these so that you have a positive response ready and waiting for when they occur. I can also introduce you to some NLP techniques to help you to replace unhelpful thoughts with positive and helpful ones.

Coaching is all about you

Life Coaching works with you as an individual and so at all times you will be in control of what we work on and how quickly you want to move forward. To get an idea of what coaching will feel like for you as a client, please take a look at what clients say.

As your Life Coach, I will work with you to achieve your goals and I can be part of your support network. However, I am not a mental health specialist and so cannot prescribe drugs or therapy.

Book a consultation or find out more

Book a face-to-face consultation (I work from lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry) or an online consultation (video consultation via Zoom or telephone consultation). Or  call me, email me or use the contact form to find out more. I am always happy to talk through the changes you would like to make and to answer your questions. 

Face-to-face consultations are held in lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry. Online consultations are either by video (using Zoom which is really easy to use and I am happy to help you with this if you are not technically-minded) or telephone consultation.


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