Life Coaching for Confidence

"I suffered from a lack of confidence at work which made me feel anxious when presenting at meetings or when put on the spot. Sue helped me understand that with some minor tweaks I can feel confident and present myself as an assertive member of the team. Sue has a lovely approach and understood my challenges. She worked with me to develop techniques which divert my attention away from becoming anxious before any of those dreadful symptoms arise, these techniques have already made a difference in my day to day work and I feel better prepared mentally when going into presentations."

Confidence is a state of mind and you can reprogram your brain to become more confident. You can learn techniques to build your inner confidence. You can learn how to react confidently when you feel nervous and how to respond confidently to unhelpful memories or negative predictions of what might happen. Every time you use a confidence technique you will feel your confidence increasing, and the more you practice the more confident you will become. Your positive self-esteem will increase and you will feel more at ease in your life and you will be able to comfortably do more things.

Confidence is one of the most common reasons that clients come to see me and it is amazing the changes they can make with just a few small tweaks to how they think about, interpret and respond to situations. I will work with you to make the right changes, and to find the best techniques for you, to make you more confident. There is no one-size-fits-all but the following paragraphs will give you some idea of the things we will look at as you build your confidence.

Taking Control

If you don’t feel confident, it may be that you are misinterpreting nervous feelings as lack of confidence. These nervous feelings are quite normal for most people and are just our body’s way of getting us ready for what we are about to do. So, one of the changes we can look at, is to rename these feelings and find alternative ways for you to think and respond to them.

Also, you may be not be noticing the situations where you are actually confident, particularly in everyday events. So, another change that we can look at, is to recognise and appreciate your confidence in these situations.

If unpleasant memories are affecting your confidence, then we can look for ways for you to view these memories from more helpful perspectives, and also find ways that you could react positively to similar situations in the future.

You can also use similar ideas for things that worry you about other possible future situations. So again, you can find more helpful perspectives and plan ways that you can positively handle these possible future situations.

Coaching is all about you

My role, as your Life Coach, is to help you to make the right changes for you in the right ways for you, so I will be guided by you at all times as to what you want to work on.

You will find my sessions relaxed and friendly, and focused fully on you. I will listen carefully to you, ask you thought-provoking questions and be your very own impartial sounding board and critical friend. I can also introduce NLP techniques to help you change how you think about or react to particular events.

To get an idea of what coaching will feel like for you as a client, please take a look at what clients say.

Book a consultation or find out more

Book a face-to-face consultation (I work from lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry) or an online consultation (video consultation via Zoom or telephone consultation). Or  call me, email me or use the contact form to find out more. I am always happy to talk through the changes you would like to make and to answer your questions. 

Face-to-face consultations are held in lovely consulting rooms in Kenilworth and Coventry. Online consultations are either by video (using Zoom which is really easy to use and I am happy to help you with this if you are not technically-minded) or telephone consultation.


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