Case Studies

The case studies below are of real clients and real situations.  However, I have changed names and used stock photos to maintain confidentiality.

Sam – Finance 

The reasons Sam came to coaching

  • work-life balance
  • lack of self-belief at work
  • managing new staff

The changes Sam made

Sam described what her ideal work-life balance was and explored the activities she wanted to or had to include, and how to arrange those in a way so that she was in control.  I asked her questions to  focus and encourage her thinking.

Sam gave examples of when she did and did not feel confident. I introduced her to techniques to build her confident feelings and techniques to spot and replace her non-confident feelings with confident ones.

Sam identified the characteristics of a good manager and we discussed ways that she could meld these with her own personality.

I met with Sam for 4 weeks. We looked at each of the changes that she wanted to make in turn, and each week she fed back the progress she had made and any sticking points that needed tweaking or reworking. After just 4 weeks, Sam felt transformed and also reported that others in her office had also noticed the dramatic changes

Emily – Marketing 

The reasons Emily came to coaching

  • impostor syndrome
  • career progression
  • relationship with her mother

The changes Emily made

Emily described situations when she felt as though she was not really good enough and was in her role by mistake and I introduced her to techniques to appreciate and develop her confidence in her abilities and to overcome the ‘impostor’ feelings when they appeared.

Emily explored what she would like from her career and the directions she could take and I helped her by asking questions to develop and open up her thinking and to introduce alternative perspectives.

Emily described conversations and events that she and her mother had shared that highlighted their uncomfortable relationship and I introduced her to techniques to help her change her role in this relationship so that is became less emotionally charged and more companionable.

I initially met with Emily for 3 weeks. She then came back to see me on 2 separate occasions, once for help with a situation that was related to our original meetings and once for something completely different. She has since been promoted and her relationship with her mother has changed for the better.

Darren – New department head

The reasons Darren came to coaching

  • managing change in a department with set ideas
  • handling tricky people

The changes Darren made

Darren described his vision for the department and the way the department was now. He then explored how he could implement the changes needed in ways that would keep his staff on-side and, also, how he could include his staff in the change process so that they were involved rather than ‘done to’. I helped him by asking questions to develop and challenge his thinking and by introducing alternative viewpoints.

Darren gave examples of situations where people did not work well together. I introduced him to techniques to promote and establish a constructive working department environment.

I met with Darren for 3 weeks. For the first 2 weeks, we looked at how to make the changes that he wanted to make and in the 3rd week we did some tweaking based on his experiences of implementing the new techniques. At the end of the 3rd session, Darren said that he was surprised how quickly the relationship with some of his staff had improved and also that the department was now starting to working together more positively.

Peter – Software developer

The reasons Peter came to coaching

  • relationship with his manager

The changes Peter made

Peter described situations where he felt undermined by his manager and also situations where he felt in control. I introduced him to techniques to respond constructively to challenging situations and also to build on experiences of when he felt in control.

I met with Peter for 2 weeks. He was pleased with how much he felt his relationship with his manager was already changing for the better.

Jess – Teacher

The reasons Jess came to coaching

  • weight loss 

The changes Jess made

Jess explored times in her life when she had overcome other types of challenges. She then looked at what losing weight meant to her and what encouraged or sabotaged her efforts. With all this knowledge, she put together a realistic plan that used her strengths and was prepared for facing challenges. I helped her to approach weight loss with fresh eyes, asking questions to help her drill down to find the key things that would work for her.

I met with Jess for 3 sessions and then 2 follow-up sessions (one a month later and one 2 months after that) . Over these sessions, we developed Jess’s approach and plan for weight loss, and used her experiences between sessions to refine them. Jess is now well on the way to the weight that she wants to be and says that her eating and fitness routines are now just ‘natural’.

Martin – Engineer

The reasons Martin came to coaching

  • confidence in meetings
  • time management

The changes Martin made

Martin gave examples of when he did not feel confident in meetings and also when he felt confident in other situations. I introduced him to techniques to build his confident feelings and techniques to spot and replace his non-confident feelings with confident ones.

Martin described his typical day and then explored the time he spent on the different activities and their importance. I introduced him to techniques to plan realistically for his known activities and to handle unexpected activities.

I met with Martin for 2 weeks. He was pleased and surprised at how, what seemed like, small changes had such a big impact and how much more in control he felt.

Jack – Accountant

The reasons Jack came to coaching

  • Speaking on the phone

The changes Jack made

Jack explored what the difference between face-to-face and phone conversations was for him and I introduced him to techniques to help him transfer his confidence from face-to-face situations to when he was on the phone.

I met with Jack for 2 sessions.  In the first session we looked at the changes he could make. In the second session, he was already a lot happier on the phone and we added a couple of refinements based on his experiences of the previous week.

Mia – Human resources

The reasons Mia came to coaching

  • stress
  • family conflict

  • starting a family


The changes Mia made

Mia described situations where she felt stress and also situation where she felt relaxed. She explored ways that she could plan so that she had more of the calm times and less of the stressful times. I introduced her to techniques to help her handle potentially stressful situations from a position of control and also to build her self-belief and resilience.


Mia gave examples of being pulled between her husband and her family, and explored ways that she could resolve this. I helped her by asking questions to prompt her thinking and by introducing alternative viewpoints.


Mia explored the idea of having a family at various time in her life and the impact that would have. I asked her questions to encourage and broaden her thinking.

Mia initially came to me to look at her stress but after 2 sessions focusing on this, she came for 3 more session to look at how to handle her feelings of being pulled between her husband and her family and also to explore her feelings about having a baby.

Jan – Healthcare

The reasons Jan came to coaching

  • change of career
  • confidence

The changes Jan made

Jan explored what she wanted and needed from a job. She also looked at what skills she had and what she needed. I helped her by asking questions to prompt and open up her thinking.

During Jan’s exploration of her job skills, Jan also looked at how she could build her confidence. I introduced her to techniques to help with this.

I met with Jan for 3 weeks by which time she was already applying for new jobs with increased confidence.  Within a few weeks she had taken on an extra and new role and a few months later a  brand new job.