Coaching for Business Professionals

Coaching plays a key role in workplace wellbeing programmes. It provides a safe space for professionals to find ways to effectively and positively manage their professional lives. They can explore concerns and problems, reflect and evaluate, and find the solutions that are the most appropriate for them. Just one or two sessions is often all that is needed for a professional to make significant positive changes. 

Workshops can also play a role in workplace wellbeing programmes by providing teams with the opportunity to work together to take control of their professional lives.

Why professionals come to coaching

Some professionals have specific issues that they want to work on such as feeling more confident in meetings or when giving presentations, finding a way to handle a tricky situation, developing their professional self-esteem or prioritising. Others feel overwhelmed by their tasks and responsibilities and want the opportunity to stand back and see things from a fresh perspective so they can take back control.

Friendly, practical and successful

I have an open and friendly style and combine coaching skills with those I developed as an engineer, manager and teacher to support professionals to plan to make changes in ways that work for them. I ask questions to prompt thinking and act as an impartial sounding board and critical friend. I can also introduce NLP techniques to help professionals change how they think about or react to particular events, replacing unhelpful thoughts and responses with helpful ones. Solutions are often the result of a ‘lightbulb’ moment, and may involve professionals making practical changes, looking at things from a different perspective or modifying their thoughts and responses to certain events.

Coaching for your employees

Sessions are relaxed and friendly so that professionals feel at ease to talk openly and to freely explore possibilities. Professionals play an active role throughout the sessions which are flexible to support them to find realistic solutions. Sessions can be scheduled regularly or booked as required.

Call me on 07980 430408 to discuss ways you could use coaching to support your employees to effectively and positively manage their professional lives or if you would like to arrange a workshop.

What individual professionals say


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