About me

Hi, my name’s Sue and I am passionate about helping people to make the changes that they want to make to get the best out of their lives.

I love being a coach because coaching is all about moving forward and is so effective that people start to make changes in their first session, and most only need a handful of sessions.

I am friendly, and people find me easy to chat  to and connect with as we work together to make the right changes for them in the right ways for them.

I have lots of common sense and first-hand experience of life, business and education, as well as the shared experiences of many previous clients from all walks of life who have made all sorts of changes.

I am constantly impressed by the changes that people make once they set their mind to it, and the positive impact these changes have on their lives. I am so happy to be able to play a part in this and to share in people’s progress and ultimate success.

I am always delighted to talk through the changes that people would like to make so please do give me a call if you are thinking about making changes.


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