Spring Cleaning

Spring is traditionally the time for a spring clean. A time to freshen up, not only our homes, but also our lives. A time to step back, reassess and make changes. And, this year, we unexpectedly have a whole lot of new things to consider which may make our approach very different to that of previous years.

To help with your ‘spring clean’, take a moment to answer these 5 questions You may even want to apply it to the different specific parts of your life such as career, family and friends, leisure, personal development etc.

What will you tidy up in your life?

What needs a good prune or shakeup? Does your approach or attitude toward certain situations need remodelling? What are you procrastinating about?

What will you do more of in your life?

What brings joy and happiness into your life and motivates you? What do you like doing? How can you spend more time on these things?

What will you do less of in your life?

What drains your energy and demotivates you? What don’t you like doing? How can you spend less time on these things?

What will you add to your life?

What new activities would you like to include? What are your goals? How and when will you achieve these?

What will you throw out of your life?

What is it time to let go of? Is there a decision that you need to make or something where it is now time to say ‘enough is enough’?