Personal Development

Personal development isn’t fluffy

It’s a logical way of putting yourself in charge of you. Deciding how you want to be and what you want to achieve in both your personal and work life, and then getting on and making it happen. It is an ongoing process and needs to be monitored and adapted as you go along.

As with any project, you need to know what the requirements are before you can start to satisfy them.  Ask yourself, what you would like to change, what those changes would look like, how you can realistically make those changes, and then make a plan, taking into account your priorities.

Plan your personal development journey

As you take control of your personal development you will probably notice more and more changes that you would like to make. This can sometimes become a bit overwhelming, so take time to look at the objective of each change and then prioritise your changes. Put together a plan to focus on your changes in order of importance to you. Set aside a regular time to examine your progress and make any appropriate changes, including taking account of any change of priorities. This is also a good time to acknowledge and congratulate yourself on the progress you have already made!

Personal development for self-esteem

By putting yourself in charge of you, with your own personal development plan, you are able to take responsibility for your own self-esteem. You have decided what is important to you and what standards you want to judge yourself by. You know who you want to be and what you want to achieve, and you have the responsibility for making it happen.

To be in full command of building your self-esteem, make sure you prioritise taking time out to recognise and appreciate every step of progress that you make towards your goals. It can also help, when considering future changes, to think positively about the plans you are putting in place and the achievements to come (rather than the fact that something needs changing!).

Personal development for motivation

Your personal development plan will have many goals along the way. Some may be small and some large but the process for achieving those goals is the same. You will need to know where you are going and why you want to get there, and you will need to plan the route realistically, including how you will deal with any obstacles. You can use the ’why’ and the ‘plan’ to motivate you along the way. You will be able to monitor your progress, know how much further you have to go and be able to adapt the plan as needed.

When you reach a goal, STOP and ENJOY the view. You wouldn’t plan a journey to the seaside and then the minute you got there immediately turn the car around and go to the next place. Appreciate your achievement and use it to motivate you to achieve other goals.

Personal development to help you juggle

You will more than likely have to juggle several tasks at once in both your working and personal life. Using your personal development plan and priorities can help you decide which of those tasks are the most important to you, and by seeing a task as part of your personal development, it will have more meaning for you. A word of warning here though to look at the big picture. While, for example, tomorrow’s meeting may not immediately seem part of your personal development plan, it may well be part of, say, ‘furthering your career’ which could be part of your personal development plan.